Hand-crafted treasures from the heart.

Hi! My name is Stephanie. I am the proud owner and designer of Twizted Metalz LLC. All my life I’ve felt “different” from others. I have always had an obsession with rocks and crystals. They bring a sense of peace, balance and positive energy to me. It’s hard to explain. I’ve always known that I had “gifts”. Some call me talented and creative. I feel that I am just... me. I put these treasures together with the feelings from within. It all falls into place naturally. I truly pour my heart into all that I do. Making gemstone products is an art to me. Precision and the abstracts of colors and the meanings behind it all. Twizted Metalz is my dream. A place where I can create and bring smiles to those I love and even those to whome I have never met. Thank you for coming along on my journey with me. Even if it’s for a short time.

Blessed be 🖤💗